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THE PREMIER APPROACH: EASA Environmental (Aircraft Noise) Registration Deadline

A while back, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) was designated by Regulation (EU) No 598/2014 Article 7(2) to be the responsible entity to collect and make available aircraft noise certificates, or equivalent documentation, of aircraft operating at EU airports. Last December’s deadline came and went, and the date for compliance has been extended to March 31, 2022.

This regulatory requirement affects U.S. general aviation operators (Part 91 & Part 135) who operate to the EU/EEA destinations, “civil fixed-wing aircraft with a maximum certified take-off mass of 34,000 kg or more…or with a certified maximum accommodation of 19 passenger seats or more.”

Because the FAA doesn’t issue noise certificates and because noise certificates issued by OEMs are not accepted, most U.S. operators will have to pull required documentation from Aircraft Flight Manuals and/or Aircraft Operation Manuals to include:

  • Certificate of Aircraft Registration;
  • Aircraft Serial Number;
  • Engine type;
  • MTOM (aka: MTOW);
  • MLM (aka: MLW);
  • and Standard Airworthiness Certificate.

EASA has a secure online Environmental Portal for aircraft operators to access and submit required documents. EASA representatives do recommend registering to the portal as soon as possible. After the March 31st deadline, EASA will be required to report operators to the European Commission that have not yet registered to the portal and not submitted data. Then the Commission will decide on the next steps.

EASA Environmental Portal User Registration Form:

If you have any questions, Flight Pro’s Global Trip Support (GTS) team has you covered, 24/7.

Our regulatory support team stays abreast of government requirements around the world.  Collaborating with our team of regulatory experts will keep you informed and better able to navigate the complexities of your dynamic operation.


Written by:  Jeffrey S. Basham, Sr. Manager, Compliance

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