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THE PREMIER APPROACH: Severe Weather Avoidance – Thunderstorms in the Southern Hemisphere

It is a general assumption that severe thunderstorm avoidance is primarily a USA or Southern Canada concern however when a stationary front and upper-level disturbances run along the front scattered to numerous thunderstorms with tops in excess of flight level 450 can occur especially during the late summer and early fall seasons in Northern and Central Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

Be assured that the Flight Pro’s Global Trip Support (GTS) meteorology and flight planning team will be proactively analyzing your routes for severe weather avoidance, including thunderstorms and turbulence.


A striking example of our trademark service can be seen on a recent flight from Opa Locka, Florida (KOPF) to Punta del Este, Uruguay (SULS).

24 hours before departure, our team of expert meteorologists and flight planners identified a route that would avoid the expected severe thunderstorms over Central South America, leading to less inconvenience to the passengers and crew. 

On the day of flight, the most optimized route from KOPF to SULS would have taken the flight over Northeastern Argentina then over Central Uruguay direct to SULS which would have been significantly impacted by thunderstorms.


Graphic one depicts the optimized route (24 hours prior) with no input from meteorologists.

Graphic 1:


After a careful analysis of the latest computer model data (day of flight), our GTS meteorologists and flight planning experts elected to take a modified routing, arriving into SULS more from a Westerly direction, thus avoiding any possible interaction with the severe thunderstorms and the hazards they present ensuring a much safer flight.

Graphic two displays the infra-red satellite picture and sigmets along with the route plot with approximately 4 hours left in the flight.

Graphic 2:

Graphic three displays the infra-red satellite picture and sigmets along with the route plot with approximately 1 hour left in the flight.

Graphic 3:

Graphic four depicts the forecasted satellite presentation for 21z from the European model. This particular model did an excellent job at forecasting the location and intensity of thunderstorms.

Graphic 4:

Thanks to the diligent GTS team, the client was extremely happy with the new routing and the flight went smoothly. THIS IS WHAT PARTNERS ARE FOR!

We support your every move, while continually striving to take the worry out of your global trip planning. Let us do the heavy lifting!

If you have any questions, Flight Pro’s Global Trip Support (GTS) team has you covered, 24/7.


Written by: Brad Asselin, Director, Weather & Flight Planning Services

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