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THE PREMIER APPROACH: Severe Weather Avoidance

As the severe weather season starts to ramp up in the USA, along with the tropical cyclone season in a few months, be assured that the Flight Pro Global Trip Support (GTS) meteorology and flight planning team will be proactively analyzing your routes for severe weather avoidance. We are proactively looking at our routes for hazard avoidance, including thunderstorms and turbulence.


An example of our trademark service can be seen on a recent flight from Nassau, Bahamas (MYNN) to Geneva, Switzerland (LSGG). Normal great circle routing and the most optimized route for the day of flight from MYNN to LSGG would have taken the flight just to the West of Bermuda in the vicinity of the most intense thunderstorm activity.


There was an energetic surface low midway between Bermuda and North East Florida, along with a warm front that extended from the surface low, in conjunction with an upper-level trough, aided by the 100-knot subtropical jet, which assisted in the development of lines of thunderstorms, with occasional tops in excess of flight level 40,000 over the South Western Atlantic.

Graphic one is the 12-hour forecast for 00z on the day of flight, showing the planned route versus the expected thunderstorm coverage:

Graphic 1:

Graphic two illustrates the location of the surface low along the wind velocity/direction at 10 meters:

Graphic 2:


After a careful analysis of the latest computer model data, our GTS meteorologists and flight planning experts elected to take the routing to the East of Bermuda, thus minimizing the thunderstorm hazards for the passengers and crew, ensuring a much safer flight.

We support your every move, while continually striving to take the worry out of your global trip planning. Let us do the heavy lifting!

If you have any questions, the Global Trip Support (GTS) team at Flight Pro International has you covered.


Written by: Brad Asselin, Director, Weather & Flight Planning Services

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