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THE PREMIER APPROACH: Increasing UK Air Passenger Duty (APD) Rates – April 2021

In line with the decision made in the United Kingdom’s Budget 2020, UK Air Passenger Duty (APD) rates will go up starting April 1, 2021. The increase will go ahead despite opposition from the already-struggling aviation industry.

Both commercial airlines and private operators will see their Air Passenger Duty go up to GBP 82.00 – GBP 541.00 (USD 110.00 – USD 750.00) per passenger on long haul flights, with business jets paying the most. APD rates for short-haul flights remain unchanged.


The amount of APD operators pay depends on the final destination:
◻️ Band A (short-haul): destination country capital is less than 2000 miles from London
◻️ Band B (long-haul): destination country capital is more than 2000 miles from London

It further depends on the type of aircraft and the class of travel:
◻️ Reduced Rate: for commercial airlines, economy travel.
◻️ Standard Rate: for commercial airlines, first class, business, premium economy travel, or any other class where seat pitch is more than 40 inches.
◻️ Higher Rate: for aircraft over 20 tons, that are equipped to carry fewer than 19 passengers (most private jets).


Destination BandsReduced Rate
(lowest class of travel on commercial airlines)
Standard Rate
(any other class on commercial airlines)
Higher Rate
(most private jets)
Band A
Band B
Source: HMRC


◻️ While the lowest class of travel on a long-haul flight operated by a commercial airline will result in APD liability of GBP 82.00 per passenger (reduced rate), the rate goes up to GBP 180.00 for passengers on the same flight seated in any other class (standard rate).
◻️ Aircraft over 20 tons, that are equipped to carry fewer than 19 passengers (most private jets), will be charged the higher rate of GBP 541.00 per passenger carried on a long-haul flight.


Operators will still be expected to report their APD either via the Occasional Operator (OOS Scheme) or through the Registered Operator scheme:
◻️ If they operate more than 12 flights from the UK in any 12-month period, or
◻️ Have an annual duty liability of more than £5,000.

If reporting through the Registered Operator scheme, operators are required to submit their APD returns monthly, even when there is no flight activity from the UK.

Flight Pro remains prepared to assist operators with their UK APD reporting via both reporting schemes.

We support your every move, while continually striving to take the worry out of your global trip planning. Let us do the heavy lifting!

If you have any questions, the Global Trip Support (GTS) team at Flight Pro International has you covered.


Written by: Lukas Kendera, UK Sr Supervisory Representative

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