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Emergence of Flight Pro International, The Premier Trip Support Solution

Last year, as businesses halted, and the world’s economies tumbled, Flight Pro International, a new global trip support provider, emerged from the upheaval. Although new, Flight Pro has ties to a storied past, rich in trip execution and excellence in client experience. This uniquely places Flight Pro in an exceptionally qualifying position to becoming an integral extension of your flight department and thereby a trusted partner.

Flight Pro is not a stereotypical new business. It was conceived and brought to fruition by one of the founders and owners of Air Routing International, an international trip support company that was in business for over 30 years before being sold. This new venture includes some of the most experienced business aviation professionals around the world, which when combined, have hundreds of years of knowledge in global trip support services.

With a laser focused attention on client experience excellence, rooted in a well-defined operational journey, built on value-added consultation, and engaging high touch interaction, Flight Pro is poised to earn a trusting relationship. Supporting the Houston based 24/7 Global Trip Support (GTS) operations team is a world class global network of business aviation professionals. The Special Services Network (SSN) is a team of dedicated in-country experts providing a customized solution that assures you peace of mind.  

Flight Pro’s President & COO, Matt Pahl, explains, “Flight Pro has assembled a team of the most experienced, passionate professionals, committed to excellence and an industry leading consultative approach with the highest degree of integrity. We are the cutting-edge solution you can trust.”

Along with Flight Pro’s world class GTS solution, you can look forward to the launch of an innovative, cloud-based software platform, Flight Pro Connect (FPC), a next generation, multifaceted trip management tool. Additional details about FPC will be coming soon!

See what all the excitement is about with Flight Pro International, your premier trip support solution!  

We support your every move, while continually striving to take the worry out of your global trip planning. Let us do the heavy lifting!

If you have any questions, the Global Trip Support (GTS) team at Flight Pro International has you covered!


Worldwide: +1 346 415 6900
Toll Free USA/Canada: +1 866 356 1055

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