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Your Premier Trip Support Solution

When it comes to trip support, Flight Pro International is your trusted partner. Our Global Trip Support team provides unrivaled support and consultation, securing all the necessary authorizations and service arrangements for your journey. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can focus on your mission.



Wherever your journey takes you, Flight Pro International is the trusted partner you need to successfully accomplish your mission.  No matter how challenging the location, or how critical and time sensitive the operation, our highly skilled and meticulous team of professionals are ready to help.  Let us do the heavy lifting!

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One of Flight Pro International’s key differentiators is the Special Services Network (SSN). These dedicated in-country experts provide a customized solution that assures you Peace of Mind.

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Placing a focus on transparency and regulatory compliance worldwide, ensuring our stringent ethics and guidelines are met, protecting our customers. Collaborate with our team to better navigate the complexities of your dynamic operation.

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Mission and Vision

To Be the Most Trusted, Premier Provider of Global Trip Support Solutions.


Flight Planning

Our Global Trip Support (GTS) team of seasoned consultants and industry experts are highly experienced flight operation specialists and licensed Meteorologists. They can customize and streamline your flight plan and weather packages to meet your needs consistently. We are available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Our responsive and knowledgeable team provides best-in-class, seamless computer flight plans and meteorological support during all phases of your mission.

Weather Meteorological Services

Our GTS team of highly experienced and licensed Meteorologists will examine flight plan routes, NOTAMs, weather reports and airport tactical data before choosing a flight plan.

Flight Pro International’s degreed meteorologists, using the latest computer model data, continuously review your trip from the pre-planning stages to mission completion.

Overflight and Landing Permits

Remove the complications and stress when it comes to permits, with a strong GTS team that understands the complexities and moving parts in a flight plans its key in meeting your flight requirements. Access to Civil Aviation Authorities and Authorized Agencies and other offices around the world is instrumental in acquiring and securing the best time sensitive overflight and landing permits that meet your schedule requirements.

Flight Pro International’s highly experienced Global Trip Support (GTS) team ensures that your clearances are received in a timely manner.

The permit solutions consist of a strong blend of global relationships with civil aviation authorities (CAA) and local experts.

Aircraft Fuel

Competitive worldwide contract fuel. Focusing on safety and service, our team will oversee the uplift to your aircraft wherever your location.


Our Global Trip Support (GTS) will assist setting up and coordinating your catering needs, whether your trip requires some light refreshments or à la carte dining, we can assist and provide you with the highest quality of in-flight catering service available.


Our Team can arrange all booking and requests for your hotel needs. We meticulously select hotels that offer the best quality and trusted service. Also, we collaborate with our Special Services Network (SSN) Teams to review properties feedback and ensure you get the best service and rates in hotel and local attractions information.

Your hotel accommodations are tailor-made and secured via our in-house certified travel agency.

Ground Transportation

Coordinating with the best in-class secure and trusted ground transportation companies for luxury cars, limousines or armored cars for our client’s requirements is an essential component of a successful on the ground logistics. Our experienced Global Trip Support (GTS) team in strong collaboration with our local Flight Pro Special Services Network (SSN) brings that knowledge and insight to you.

These services are arranged based on your preferences or you can rely on our long-standing, trusted relationships.

Flight Planning
Weather Meteorological Services



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