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Introducing Flight Pro Connect - Web

Elevate your travel planning with our Flight Pro Connect (FPC) website – the ultimate tool for pilots, schedulers, and dispatchers. Seamlessly access services, stay updated on service status, and manage travel documents, all designed for efficiency on the go. Designed solely for Flight Pro International (FPI) clients.

Key Website Features

Trip Schedules and Daily View

Effortlessly organize and access crucial trip information. From flight plans to itineraries, everything you need for a smooth journey is at your fingertips.

Services Details with Status Updates

Stay in control with real-time service status updates. Track the progress of essential services such as overflight, slots and landing permits, ground handling, crew and passenger transportation, fuel releases and more. No more guessing – know exactly where your trip stands at any moment.

Crew and Passenger Manifest and Documentation

Effortlessly access crew and passenger manifests. Ensure compliance with regulations and streamline documentation for all members on board.

Crew and Passenger Trip Documents

Retrieve and manage essential travel documents effortlessly. Say goodbye to paper documents and hello to a digital, hassle-free experience.

Real Time Communication

Stay connected with our operations team members through integrated messaging forms. Send and receive messages, updates, and instructions in real-time, ensuring everyone is on the same page throughout your trip.

Trip Alerts for Critical Services and Documents

Access instant alerts for critical services and documents. Never miss a vital step in your trip planning again. Stay ahead of the game with timely notifications.

Messaging Center

Recognizing the importance of effective communication with FPI Operations is crucial for your travel planning and coordination needs. That is why our website features a dedicated Messaging Center, allowing users to send emails to FPI Operations and keep track of all correspondence conveniently.

Key Messaging Center Features

Compose and Send Emails

Users can compose and send emails directly to FPI Operations from within the Website. This feature eliminates the need for external emails, ensuring all communication is centralized and linked to the trip details within FPC.

Email Inbox

Access your email inbox to view messages sent to FPI Operations and their replies. All communication history is meticulously organized, making it easy to track conversations and reference valuable information.

Admin Role and Security

We understand that when it comes to managing your travels, planning and coordination, control and security are paramount. That is why our website puts you in the driver’s seat with robust user access controls and configuration features. FPC provides a dedicated section for administrators to efficiently manage user accounts. This functionality ensures that your organization can maintain control and oversight of user access and permissions within the website.

Key Admin Privileges

As an admin user, you have the power to oversee and manage access to our Flight Pro Connect website and mobile products. Here is how you can exercise control:

Key features for Admins

User Account Creation

Admins can easily create new user accounts within the website. This feature allows you to onboard new team members swiftly, ensuring they have access to the app’s valuable features.

User Permissions

Grant or restrict access to various features and functionalities of the website. Tailor permissions to ensure that your team members have access only to the tools and information they need.

User Profile Management

Admins can manage user profiles, including updating contact information, roles, and profile pictures, keeping user profiles accurate and up to date.

Password Resets

Should a user forget their password or require a password reset, admins can initiate the process, ensuring minimal disruption to their workflow.

User Deactivation

If a member leaves the organization or no longer requires access to the Website or Mobile, admins can deactivate user accounts, revoking their access to the app while preserving their data for historical reference.

Self-Service Features

Acknowledging the critical role and importance of empowering our users with self-service capabilities is top of mind. Our website is designed with this principle in mind, enabling you to take control of your travel planning and coordination needs independently. Here is how our self-service features benefit you:

User-Friendly Interface

Our website and mobile platform boast an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes navigation a breeze. You can easily access the tools and information you need without the need for extensive training.

24/7 Accessibility

Whether you are planning a trip late at night or during the weekend, our website is available 24/7, ensuring you can initiate and manage your travel plans at your convenience.

Instant Updates

Stay informed with real-time updates and information. From weather forecasts to country authorization approvals, our self-service website ensures you are always in the loop.

Effortless Account Management

Manage your personal account details. Upload your new aircraft documents and crew and passenger documents.

New Trip Submittal

In our commitment to providing a user-centric experience, users can submit new trip schedules through the website. This includes specifying departure and arrival times, and the flexibility to select crew members and passengers. We’re here to make trip submittals as seamless as possible.

We are committed to putting the power of travel planning and coordination in your hands. Our self-service website and user-friendly Admin Panel are designed to empower you, ensuring that your travel experience is not only efficient but also tailored to your specific needs.

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