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For Every Phase of Your Flight, Our Team of Seasoned Consultants and Industry Experts Support Your Every Move

As a Flight Pro International client, you receive unprecedented support and consultation from our Global Trip Support team and the Special Services Network. This begins from the moment your trip is submitted to the Flight Pro International trip specialists’ team. A trip review and feasibility analysis by the Global Trip Support team is conducted to understand your mission, discover any potential challenges, and provide you with an initial summary of information specific to your trip. This summary includes general information about your destinations, specific pitfalls which might impact the schedule, and additional information required to complete the trip arrangements. Throughout the pre-trip planning and arrangement of services the consultation and information flow continue ensuring timely precise data exchange for a clear understanding of the services being supported.

As your trip transitions from planning to execution the Flight Pro International support team transitions to professional meteorologists and flight planning experts. Understanding your unique aircraft performance for optimal flight planning coupled with world class meteorologists ensures safe efficient operations. Knowing the preferred airway routing requirements around the globe increases the likelihood for air traffic control to quickly accept your filed flight plan. As you progress through your flight rest assured the meteorological team continuously monitors enroute and destination weather conditions providing datalink updates as necessary for your peace of mind.

Upon reaching your destination Fight Pro’s Special Services Network team and global vendor partnerships are available to meet all your needs. Beginning with the efficient handling of the passengers through immigration, customs, and getting landside to the loading of the last catering before departure every detail and requirement is tended to. The Special Services Network team of dedicated in-country experts have a thorough understanding of local requirements and relationships with local authorities given their extensive experience. This team is your single point of contact while in-country providing customized solutions for your specific needs. Whether directly supervising or coordinating behind the scenes, you have a dedicated team alongside you relentlessly pursuing solutions on your behalf, while collaboratively managing any challenge head on.

At the end of a successful trip and back at your home base the team at Flight Pro International continues to execute and support your post-trip needs. The desire to continuously improve is engrained in our culture, through a proactive customer feedback program Flight Pro International desires to know what went well and where we can improve. In instances, where improvements are needed, we investigate the specific instance to understand root cause and adjust processes, procedures, or training to eliminate reoccurrence. Providing clear, concise, timely invoicing is well understood and valued as part of the client experience. Flight Pro International proactively tracks third party invoicing, validates, and verifies the accuracy of all third-party fees. Once confirmed the invoicing details are presented to you in an easy-to-read format.

From the initial trip submittal to the receipt of the final invoice each leg of your trip is meticulously analyzed, reviewed, and managed by a team of world class business aviation experts at Flight Pro International and its vast partners around the world. Complete your every mission with confidence knowing Flight Pro International is always available to you, providing premier levels of service with solutions tailored for your specific needs.  We do it Professionally Every Time!


Country and Airport Authorization

  • Landing and overflight permits (private/charter)
  • Airport prior permission
  • Slot approvals

Global Weather Services

  • Textual weather
  • Weather charts with routing overlay
  • Weather outlooks
  • NOTAMs

Flight Planning Services

  • Proactive and interactive routing analysis
  • Operational flight plan with prefile
  • Preliminary flight plan (non-operational)
  • Datalink: uplinking flight plans and cockpit communications
  • ATC Filing

Ground Handling Arrangements

  • Marshalling and Parking
  • Aircraft handling
  • Customs and immigration
  • Security
  • Ground transportation
  • Fuel
  • Ground equipment (GPU, APU, lavatory, water, deicing, etc.)
  • Catering
  • Crew ID badge

Hotel Arrangement for Crew / Passengers

  • In-house Certified Travel Agency (CTA)
  • Free quotes
  • No revision fees
  • One fee per group (crew or passengers) No limit on the number of rooms per group
  • Access to travel industry rates

Entry / Exit Services

  • APIS Submission
  • Customs and immigration notification
  • General Declaration form (GENDEC)
  • Remote Clearance Form (RCF)
  • General health forms

No communication fees


Flight Tracking: Continuous Monitoring of Your Flight Progress

  • Weather
  • NOTAMs
  • ATC flow control

Weather Updates En Route and On Ground

USA Domestic Flight Support


Special Services Network (SSN)

  • Peace of mind throughout your operation
  • Customized solutions for your specific needs
  • Dedicated in-country supervision or coordination
  • Permit assistance

Fuel Services

  • Coordination with supplier and into-plane agent


Proactive Customer Feedback

Support for invoicing questions

Liaise with local authorities on a post flight situation (ATC report issue, noise violation, etc.)

Assist crew / passengers if they remain in-country after aircraft departs

Simplified Billing Process

  • Credit services
  • Validation and verification of all third-party fees
  • Invoicing per aircraft, per trip


Global Trip Support (GTS) & Special Services Network (SSN) Available 24/7

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