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Introducing Flight Pro Connect - Mobile

Cutting-edge cloud security and geo-redundancy safeguard your online experience. Our platform scales seamlessly, and we undergo an annual third-party penetration test to ensure top-tier security. You can access your trip schedules and services, all while enjoying integrated administration forms that give you control over user access and security. Explore with confidence, knowing your privacy is our priority, whether via the website or our mobile app, available on App Store and Google Play.

Your All-In-One Travel Planning App!

Elevate your travel planning with our app – the ultimate tool for pilots, schedulers, and dispatchers. Seamlessly access services, stay updated on service status, and manage travel documents, all designed for efficiency on the go. Designed solely for Flight Pro International clients.

Flight Pro Connect Features
Trip Schedules and Daily View: Effortlessly organize and access crucial trip information. From flight plans to itineraries, everything you need for a smooth journey is at your fingertips.
Services Details with Status Updates: Stay in control with real-time service status updates. Track the progress of essential services such as overflight, slots and landing permits, ground handling, crew and passenger transportation, fuel releases and more. No more guessing – know exactly where your trip stands at any moment.
Crew and Passenger Manifest and Documentation: Effortlessly access crew and passenger manifests. Ensure compliance with regulations and streamline documentation for all members on board.
Crew and Passenger Trip Documents: Retrieve and manage essential travel documents effortlessly. Say goodbye to paper documents and hello to a digital, hassle-free experience.
Real-Time Communication: Stay connected with our operations team members through integrated messaging forms. Send and receive messages, updates, and instructions in real-time, ensuring everyone is on the same page throughout your trip.
Trip Alerts for Critical Services and Documents: Access instant alerts for critical services and documents. Never miss a vital step in your trip planning again. Stay ahead of the game with timely notifications.
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