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London Airports: Summer Night Restrictions

As of Apr 01st, 2024, Stansted has imposed a night slot ban for the summer period. Whilst in the past the airport has allocated 10-night slots per week for any AD-Hoc flights, including general aviation, the night quota for this period has already been exceeded. This is partly due to late commercial arrivals, taking up night quota limits. This recent decision is currently being challenged, with the Fixed Based Operators working alongside the British Business and General Aviation Association and Aviation Minister to ease these restrictions.

What does this mean for our clients now? For those wishing to operate to Stansted, the earliest arrival slots available start from 0520 UTC and the latest departures are 2210 UTC off blocks, to be airborne latest at 2229 UTC.

For clients wishing to operate to London during night time hours, Luton remains operational 24/7 until June 01st, whereby they will impose their night slot ban 2200 UTC – 0559 UTC running until Sep 30th. Between June and September, Southend airport  / EGMC may be able to accept aircraft in night time ops with prior permission. We then have to look at options outside of London. Birmingham / EGBB, has a long runway and operates 24/7 and would be suitable for turnarounds. 

Further updates to night operations will be provided by the UK team, along with advice for alternative options, as we navigate through a busy summer.

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