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More “Exclusive Experiences” Through a New Exclusive Partnership: Corporate Jet Services (CJS)

We’ve often described FPI’s formation as more closely resembling an “entrepreneurial family reunion” than a basic new company start up. This same spirit of reunion is not only “in house” but is prominent across FPI’s many global vendor alignments as well.

On May 1st, 2023, FPI formally cemented the company’s inaugural exclusive partnership with a key service provider:

Corporate Jet Service (CJS), a German-based Trip Supporter and Charter Broker serving global clients traveling into Central Europe.

This FPI/CJS alignment celebrates a multi-decade relationship, despite the official “deal-inking” being merely days old at the time of this publishing.

“We’ve used the CJS team for quite some time, dating back to the Air Routing / Rockwell Collins / ARINC days,” states Mike Stevens, FPI’s Director of Vendor Management. “This is more of a ‘round two’ for our active engagement together. When FPI founded in 2020, re-partnering made great sense because of our high comfort level with them.”

One of FPI’s natural growth progressions is to create strategic advantages through exclusivity within their Special Services Network (SSN) program, which is an elite vendor network comprised of decades-long global relationships.

The alignment blends well as both companies share the familial and longevity approach to their end-user clients. The common mindset of excellence makes the hand-off points between CJS and FPI fluid, synergistic, and trustworthy.

“We have extremely strong relationships with our clients, with many having used us for numerous years,” says Gérard Eckhardt, CJS Managing Director. “Our team is comprised of six members, and our clients appreciate knowing they’ll always be in touch with the same CJS team members with whom they’re familiar, and who in turn are familiar with their needs and preferences.”

Originally having cut his aviation teeth as an air traffic controller assistant at an FBO, Gérard has always operated with the mindset that instant, excellent service is the only option.

“Our clients know we’re always accessible for them and can contact us 24/7 by our personal mobile phones. Rarely does a situation arise that we haven’t already experienced; however, even if one does, our practice is to at least have a plan B, if not more.

“Our checklists are meticulous, and it’s the little things that make the difference: The catering they like, their crew preferences, local specials they’ll appreciate upon arrival, etc. Thanks to our deep knowledge of the client, we’re able to arrange these things without the client having to research in advance all the options available to them.

“We especially prefer to be present when managing clients through airports without an FBO, which is common in Germany. Regardless of the scenario, our ultimate standard is to create seamless peace of mind for our clients.”

Having managed over 5,000 flights, the team is experienced in all aspects of operations (air traffic management, flight planning, handling), as well as regional knowledge. Because of these insights, CJS patrons routinely consist of repeat VIP clientele including celebrities, royals, government leaders, and business leaders, similar to the landscape of FPI’s clientele.

It’s clear why the two trip management companies already work perfectly in tandem together. The partnership will undoubtedly be a benefit to the many passengers and crew they will support.

Mike continues, “We plan to migrate towards exclusivity with more of our key vendor partners around the globe, but we’d like to congratulate CJS for being the first to ‘officialize’ the relationship with an exclusive arrangement. We’re excited to work with Gerry and his team again.”

— — —

To learn more about FPI’s European-based Special Services Network (SSN) team and their specific regional expertise, please contact our Operations staff here at Flight Pro International.

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