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Achieve Peace of Mind With FPI’s Internal Executive Travel Agency

Commercial travelers have grown spoiled with the litany of online travel planning tools to stay on low budgets when traveling. Yet even cost-conscience consumer travelers understand that if bypassing the skills of a seasoned travel agent, any adjustments or headaches will be on their shoulders to address along the way.

Private aviation passengers are generally accustomed to the benefits of hiring professional travel agents for ease of movement while vacationing.

Private aviation crew, with even more nuances to manage, are highly encouraged to achieve the peace of mind that comes with deploying a professional travel agency for their clients’ trip planning, whether for vacation or business.

Fortunately, Flight Pro International clients can find all of these resources under one roof thanks to FPI’s internal, full-service travel agency headed by Joel Juarez. This agency is already nestled within FPI’s Operations Department, providing a seamless turnkey experience for FPI clients.

Joel’s 30+ year experience in the field of corporate travel agency service brings an incredible amount of global travel knowledge to the table. Having originally cut his teeth in-house with American Express corporate travel, Joel has seen and experienced the extremes of managing a large ledger of highly-particular executive travel preferences.

“Getting to know each client is one of the most appealing parts of my job,” states Joel. “After the initial trips, it’s fun to see the client’s unique tastes and preferences emerge. At that point, we can get creative on recommending regional nuances to make the experience more unique for both the crew and their passengers.

“Within FPI, our mission is even more critical as we’re helping the crew and aircraft trip planners look even better in the eyes of their clients: the private aircraft passengers.”

Perks and preferences aren’t the only benefits FPI’s travel agency services provide. Joel’s team has such extensive reach, familiarity, and history with both well-known and unique hotel partners that the inevitable short-notice adjustments can be navigated quickly and often with minimal impact to the budget.

Quite frankly, Joel’s team knows how to go straight “to the top” in order to move mountains for travelers with high expectations… sharing the same “top-of-mind” concerns that aircraft crew and trip planners understand all too well.

Crew, pilots, and aircraft managers can focus on what they do best, and allow Joel’s team to handle time-consuming travel agency tasks such as:

  • Identifying available luxury hotels suitable for both the passengers and crew, which can be a challenge during peak travel seasons or regional disruptions and/or restrictions
  • Managing hotel manifests for passengers and crew for all legs of the trip
  • Close communications with the hotel regarding any adjustments and timing shifts
  • Arranging additional passenger/crew needs such as heightened security and privacy for dignitaries, celebrities, and any other travelers needing special handling care
  • Addressing concerns with cancelation fees and other time-consuming paperwork negotiations
  • All of the above while keeping each client’s ultimate preferences in mind

“You’ve invested great efforts to truly know your clients. We take seriously the mission to get to know them as well so that together we can think fast during adjustments and exceed expectations with the results. Nothing compares to the satisfaction of knowing we helped you achieve a ‘job well done.’ “

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To learn more about FPI’s custom Travel Agency Services, Compliance, Operations, Regulatory, and other Special Services Network (SSN) teams within FPI, please contact our Operations staff here at Flight Pro International.

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