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FPI’s leading trip management app, FlightProConnect (“FPC”), is now fully phone-device ready.

Already fluent on tablets and desktops, FPC’s software updates for phone-ready usage have been incorporated into the program and released on both iOS and Android platforms, creating an even greater mobile-friendly experience of the cutting-edge trip management software.

Existing FPI clients with FPC already downloaded (to either tablet or desktop) do not need to re-download the app. Simply ensure your devices are synched, and you can immediately access your FPC app account from your phone device.

Originally created with pilots, schedulers, and dispatchers in mind, FPC elevates your travel planning by seamlessly allowing you to access FPI services, travel documents, and many other records related to your account and trips.

For more general information on FPC’s architecture and key features, please visit

As a reminder, desktop usage of the software provides a greater level of detail within the usage experience. For more information on desktop features, visit

The FPC app capabilities for tablets and phones are identical. For more information on the app features for mobile-friendly devices, and for links to download the app from the App Store and Google Play, visit

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To learn more about FPI, FPC, or regarding the Compliance, Operations, Regulatory, and other Special Services Network (SSN) teams, please contact our Operations staff here at Flight Pro International.

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