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Flight Pro Connect (FPC)

Elite Trip Management Technology with On-The-Go Integration
Now Tablet Ready!


The Preferred Platform Among Private Aviation Operations and Crew Teams

Catch the spirit of seamless travel planning with FPC, an app thoughtfully designed for pilots, trip schedulers, and dispatchers. FPC is your all-in-one tool for ensuring effectiveness and efficiency on the go.

Gain access to a wide range of Flight Pro International services right from your device, exclusively available to FPI clients at no additional cost. Stay informed with real-time service status updates and effortlessly access essential travel documents.

Your journey starts here, with convenience at your fingertips.


All-In-One Seamless Travel Planning

Trip Schedules and Daily View

Effortlessly organize and access crucial trip information. From flight plans to itineraries, everything you need for a smooth journey is at your fingertips.

Services Details with Status Updates

Stay in control with real-time service status updates. Track the progress of essential services such as overflight, slots and landing permits, ground handling, crew and passenger transportation, fuel releases and more. No more guessing – know exactly where your trip stands at any moment.

Access Trip Documents

Effortlessly access crew and passenger manifests. Ensure compliance with regulations and streamline documentation for all members on board.

Crew and Passenger Manifest and Documentation

Retrieve and manage essential travel documents effortlessly. Say goodbye to paper documents and hello to a digital, hassle-free experience.

Trip Alerts for Critical Services and Documents

Access instant alerts for critical services and documents. Never miss a vital step in your trip planning again. Stay ahead of the game with timely notifications.

Real-Time Communication

Stay connected with our operations team members through integrated messaging forms. Send messages, updates, and instructions in real-time, ensuring everyone is on the same page throughout your trip.


About Flight Pro Connect

  Cloud-Based Infrastructure

By being cloud-based, FPC is freed from the typical constraints experienced by platforms tethered to ground-server infrastructures, such as limited speed flexibility, available IT technicians, on-demand storage capacity (scalability), and nationwide backstops in case of disruptions.


Should an emergency situation warrant the pivot, FPC has the ability to convert the entire platform and immense collection of trip management data from one major US Region to another and do so in a single hour. Most users will never be aware of this colossal technical feat behind the scenes.

  On-Demand Scalability

By being cloud-based with premium, built-in scalability features, FPI clients never need to worry about experiencing slow-times during high-demand usage… FPC’s flexible, cloud-based engine will scale according to demand, unlike ground-server systems with fixed bandwidth capacity (which can take days to upgrade).


Although not an inexpensive approach, FPI opted for the maximum security measures available for FPC’s multi-region, cloud-based infrastructure, because no feature would be worth its salt if the over-arching security plan didn’t exceed all other features. FPI has committed to perform annual Pen Tests, and FPI’s partnership with Microsoft further adds to FPC’s on-demand resources and security.

  Mobile Optimization

Complete mobile optimization will provide access options either straight from the cloud or by downloading to your device of choice. FPC is now tablet-ready across both Apple and Google devices. Mobile phone beta testing is slated to conclude by EOY and available in early 2024.


Getting Started

Flight Pro Connect is now available and ready to access on your mobile or tablet device. Visit the Google Play Store or the App Store to download the app today and start experiencing elite trip management with on-the-go-integration.

Not an FPI Client?   Start here to inquire about using FPC.

If you are an FPI Client, please select from the two options in order to access the FPC App. Within the store, you can select the device of choice in order to download the correct app version.

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