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Already active on FPC’s desktop version, the mobile version will allow communications among users of all devices to be consolidated into a more organized global display, providing real-time, “bigger picture” project visibility for everyone.

Messages and emails will be flagged according to various service categories, such as weather, fuel, ground handling, etc., making a quick search on specific messaging more easily accomplished.

User accessibility can also be streamlined based on permissions, so that not all users need to be weighed down by communications not relevant to their mission at hand. For example, pilots may only need to have communications related to critical flight operations, weather and ground handling, whereas turn-key trip managers would have more broad visibility into travel agency, billing, and other nuanced management categories.

The introduction of the Messaging Center will save time and reduce the risk of mixed signals during time-sensitive and frequently changing flight operations, in addition to reducing the risk of task duplication among Client and FPI teams.

As a reminder, FPC is free to all FPI Clients and is fully desktop, tablet, and mobile device ready.

Thoughtfully created with pilots, schedulers, and dispatchers in mind, FPC and the new Messaging Center were built to elevate travel planning through a range of convenience benefits, including:

  • Trip Schedules & Daily View
  • Services Details with Status Updates
  • Crew & Passenger Manifest and Documentation
  • Access to Trip Documents
  • Trip Alerts for Critical Services & Documents
  • Real-Time Communication

FPC’s unique platform architecture also addresses issues and exceeds capabilities of similar trip management technologies on the market with:

  • Cloud-Based Infrastructure
  • Geo-Redundancy
  • On-Demand Scalability
  • Security
  • Mobile Optimization

Visit for greater detail on these FPC features and for links to download the app from the App Store and Google Play.

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To learn more about FPI, FPC, or regarding the Compliance, Operations, Regulatory, and other Special Services Network (SSN) teams, please contact our Operations staff here at Flight Pro International.

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