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Trip Management Software Built for Giants; Free for All FPI Clients

We’ve heard the groans of Southwest Airlines customers as thousands of flight operations ground to a halt due to recent “technical computer failures.” Anyone who’s experienced disrupted airline travel can easily empathize from the sidelines.

Although fewer in passengers per flight, exponentially higher travel cost risks are at stake if private aviation travelers are sidelined due to “computer failures.”

For this reason, Flight Pro International has been developing an “over the top” fail-safe upgrade to their custom trip management software platform: Flight Pro Connect (FPC).

Two years after its launch, FPI’s custom FPC has already become a preferred platform among private aviation operations and crew teams. Today, FPC is outfitted with high levels of “backstop” features most other trip management platforms cannot claim.

“Most FPI team members have worked in global trip management for 25-30 years apiece, and we’ve seen a litany of technical ‘lessons learned’ from a variety of operations experiences,” states Roberto Cormack, FPI Executive VP, CIO, and leader of the FPC development team.

For this reason, Cormack’s team takes a Five-Pillar approach to FPC’s premium quality (listed in no particular order of importance):

  • Cloud-Based Infrastructure
  • Geo-Redundancy
  • On-Demand Scalability
  • Security
  • Mobile Optimization

End-user passenger clients may never be fully attuned to the value of these features; however their crew and operations will particularly understand their benefits and will be the first to experience FPC’s advantages during uncontrollable disruptions, such as regional power outages, natural disasters, and heavy user impact.

Below is a brief summary of each pillar’s benefit:

Cloud-Based Infrastructure:

Trip management platforms tethered to ground-server infrastructures can only perform as well as their on-site staff can handle any of these issues at any given time. Overnight, heavy season, and holiday timeframes are particularly vulnerable to delayed or outdated data.

By being cloud-based, FPC is freed from the typical non-cloud server constraints, such as limited speed flexibility, available IT technicians, on-demand storage capacity (scalability), and nationwide backstops in case of disruptions.


The most notable backstop FPI has implemented onto FPC is its national geo-redundancy set-up.

Should an emergency situation warrant the pivot, FPC has the ability to convert the entire platform and immense collection of trip management data from one major US Region to a completely separate major US Region and do so in a single hour. Most users would never be aware of this colossal technical feat behind the scenes.

On-Demand Scalability:

Most ground-server systems have a fixed bandwidth capacity, and upgrading to meet a sudden capacity demand can take days.

By being cloud-based with premium, built-in scalability features, FPI clients never need to worry about experiencing slow-times during high-demand usage… FPC’s flexible, cloud-based engine will scale according to demand.

Although not an inexpensive approach, the above-mentioned features are only able to perform at a high security level when using a robust, trusted technology partner: Microsoft, whose global team has become an extension of the FPI/FPC team, further adding to FPC’s robust on-demand resources.

FPI has also committed to annual “Pen Tests” (penetration tests) across the platform, which is a rigorous process of performing a simulated cyberattack in order to evaluate the security of the system. (Read more here about FPI’s Pen Test process and 2023 updates.)

FPI opted for the maximum security measures available for FPC’s multi-region, cloud-based infrastructure, because no feature would be worth its salt if the over-arching security plan didn’t exceed all other features.

Mobile Optimization:

A final noteworthy feature underway is complete mobile optimization which will provide access options either straight from the cloud or by downloading the platform to user devices. Mobile Beta version for testing launches in June and is slated to be ready for widespread usage by October, just in time for a roll-out at NBAA-BACE.

Considering that FPI is merely closing in on its 3-year anniversary this Summer, the powerhouse Trip Management platform within FPC is truly an industry force to be reckoned with.

Although built to withstand large-scale demands and unforeseen disruptions, the program is provided at no added cost, and its user-friendliness can be appreciated by all FPI clientele, whether an individual business client, a discreet celebrity, a politically sensitive dignitary or anyone choosing to use FPI for their trip management needs.

”At the inception of FPC development, our goal has always been to remain customer-centric as the core driver behind the FPC program, even if it appears to be ‘overkill’ for the average client trip.”

— — —

To learn more about FPI’s FPC platform and its specific application for your operations, please contact our Operations staff here at Flight Pro International.

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