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Enhancing (FPC) even further:

An Update Regarding Its 2nd Pen Test

Shortly after its two-year anniversary in mid-2022, Flight Pro International’s (FPI’s) new trip management technology, Flight Pro Connect (, “FPC”), achieved an impressive milestone within six months of its launch: Passing its first meticulous Penetration Test (“Pen Test”).

The penetration test, otherwise known as a “Pen Test,” is the rigorous process of performing a simulated cyberattack in order to evaluate the security of the system.

FPC’s Pen Test clearance in September 2022 added significant strength to the arsenal of highly customized services already offered by FPI for pre-trip, during-trip, and post-trip private aviation. Controlled access, weather, headlines, alerts, schedules, crew/passenger/aircraft document management, and 24/7 FPI communications are a few of the many features merged into the FPC technology that transcend the pain points of similar industry platforms.

FPI debuted FPC after two years of development… an unrivaled feat in the industry. Being able to perform FPC’s first Pen Test so shortly after development was another noteworthy accomplishment.

Although considered overkill by many organizations, FPI has committed to perform annual Pen Tests on FPC and is set to perform the 2nd Pen Test this Summer.

“FPI takes seriously the claim to be your trusted partner for all trip management services and solutions, and our goal with undergoing a stringent Pen Test so shortly after FPC’s launch and on an annual basis is to provide even further reassurance that every practice within FPI can be trusted with utmost peace-of-mind,” states Roberto Cormack, FPI’s Executive VP and CIO.

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For more detail on FPI’s Pen Test process and how it specifically applies to FlightProConnect, visit FPI’s October 2022 issue of “Connections by FPI”.

To learn more about FPI’s FPC platform and its specific application for your operations, please contact our Operations staff here at Flight Pro International.

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