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The Flight Pro International team is continuously looking for unique trip management solutions for our clients, including parking-friendly alternative locations, unique customer service choices, and other great options where we know you will appreciate the excellent experience.

Today, we highlight five “Hidden Gems” you may want to consider:

1) Do you typically use Shannon/EINN as a tech stop?  Try using Belfast/EGAA instead with our friends at Global Trek. Advantages for using EGAA:

  • Long runway with CAT II and CAT III ILS
  • No PPR requirements
  • No slot requirements
  • Situated just east of the oceanic boundary, ensuring a smooth cruise climb to your crossing altitude (westbound), saving you time and fuel
  • Guaranteed lightning quick turn-arounds
  • Perfectly located on the northern great circle route
  • All ground support equipment is in-house and can support any-size aircraft
  • All staff are fully trained & certified NATA Safety First personnel
  • All staff are fully trained & certified IS-BAH Stage I 
  • No call-out fees
  • 24/7 full-service VIP operations
  • 24/7 UK Border Force / customs, airport of entry

Additionally, if you don’t have an air operators certificate (AOC) but need to arrive in the United Kingdom (UK) with a pet, you can use EGAA for your pet clearance requirements. Operating Part 91, clearing your pet at EGAA, and continuing onto any location in the UK without further checks are steps made simple with the support of Global Trek at EGAA.  

2) Planning to spend some time in the London area and need long term parking or hangarage? Try Biggin Hill EGKB.  

Our friends at Biggin Hill airport offer parking and hangar deals to suit your requirements at impressively low prices. In fact, they’re guaranteed to have the cheapest prices in London.  In addition, if arriving with passengers that want to travel to the city, we recommend the Heli Shuttle, which is only a seven-minute flight to the London heliport in the heart of the city. 

3) Looking for Michelin style catering from a very respected ex-New York City chef for your next flight out of London?  Our friends at No.7 Catering offers sensational cuisine to suit your food requirements. WhileNo.7 Catering may be a small, boutique group, they are true specialists and one of the best catering options in London.

4) Are you experiencing limited, expensive aircraft parking options in Greece or Italy this Summer? Try Dubrovnik/LDDU on the Croatian coast:

  • Parking is generally available and at reasonable pricing
  • Excellent customer service and very attentive staff
  • No slot or PPR requirements
  • No landing permission needed
  • Long runway with ILS approach
  • Hours of operation are 0600-2200 local
  • Great location for crew layover

5) Is Cabo San Lucas, Mexico one of your desired destinations? Make Cabo San Lucas International Airport/MMSL your preferred stop for your flight needs. Here are just a few examples of why MMSL is the premier option for the Cabo San Lucas area:

  • GA only airport (no airline traffic)
  • Plenty of available parking
  • Conveniently located 20-25 minutes from downtown Cabo San Lucas and the marina
  • No slot or PPR requirements
  • Hours of operation are 0600-2000 local
  • Dedicated FBO ensures quick and efficient service and support
  • On-site CIQ (Customs, Immigration and Quarantine) in the FBO
  • Complete ground support equipment available for any-size aircraft (fuel, Lektros, lavatory service, potable water, belt loader, GPU, oxygen, and nitrogen)
  • Hangar space (subject to availability)
  • Competitive fuel pricing
  • 24-hour airport security

The above “Hidden Gems” are only five of the multitude of “great finds” that the FPI Team has discovered throughout the years. We will continually highlight our favorites; however, ask us anytime about unique ideas for your specific trips. What was once a hidden gem yesterday may become your new favorite destination tomorrow.

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