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Noteworthy Summer Airport Restrictions in London

London airports are restricting GA/Business aircraft this summer. Flight Pro International can help you
navigate the restrictions affecting your planning and discover your options for a more seamless experience.

Farnborough/EGLF is restricting weekend flights from now to the end of the year.

WHY – By local regulations Farnborough is limited to 8,900 movements on weekends per year. This year there has been an unprecedented weekend demand and the airport is quickly using up the allotted weekend movements.

WHO – In order to preserve weekend movements through to the end of the year the airport will restrict weekend movement to only Farnborough based aircraft and a limited amount of non-based aircraft.

HOW – There will be a very limited amount of weekend movements allotted to non-based aircraft. These will be issued on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis.

ACTION – The number available movements for weekends will go fast. Get your weekend arrival/departure request in early to FPI. We also recommend using Luton/EGGW as your backup.

Luton/EGGW restricts nighttime operations this summer.

WHY – To avoid exceeding the permitted nighttime noise restrictions.

WHO – All GA/Business, aircraft between the hours of 2200Z and 0559Z from June 14 – September 16

HOW – No further ad hoc night slots will be issued to GA/Business, Commercial, or Maintenance flights
from June 14 to September 16 for the hours of 2200Z to 0559Z.

ACTION – Plan your arrival/departures around the nighttime hours. However, note the restriction will push more traffic into the early morning hours resulting in a limited number of available morning slots. Get your arrival/departure request in early to FPI. We also recommend using Stansted/EGSS and Southend/EGMC as options for night operations.

Stansted/EGSS limits nighttime GA/Business aircraft slots.

WHY – Stansted must comply with night quota count limits and is heavily restricting movements during
the summer season, running through Oct 31st.

WHO – All GA/Business movements will be restricted between the hours of 2200 – 0600z.

HOW – Slot coordinator will only allow 10 slots for GA traffic per week in the nighttime hours. These
slot allocations are shared between all Stansted FBOFBO’s, Titan Airways, Ryanair, and freighters.

ACTION – It is imperative that anyone wishing to operate during the nighttime hours get their request
into FPI as soon as possible. It is rare to get a nighttime slot without booking at least a month in
advance We recommend Southend/EGMC as the next best alternative.

Conclusion: FPI can assist with your clients’ schedule of choice, but the best chances of receiving your
desired time slots and parking are when we have more than a month to submit the requests. We’re here
to help!

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