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Reuniting with Excellence

at NBAA-BACE 2022 in Orlando, FL

After decades-long friends and colleagues reunited to form Flight Pro International (FPI) over the last 2.5 years, several members of the FPI family of employees and partners from across the globe reunited in person at the recent NBAA-BACE convention in Orlando, FL.

The gathering was filled with excitement, camaraderie, and a victorious “second” unveiling of FPI’s custom software platform, Flight Pro Connect (FPC), already simplifying and accommodating trip management processes for FPI clientele worldwide.

Within the short few months between FPC’s initial debut at NBAA-S&D in April and a “re-debut” at NBAA-BACE in October, FPI had enhanced FPC with several new features and had also passed the rigorous “Pen Test” with flying colors, among other advancements.

Kenneth Pouncy, Sr. Manager, Client Support Services, is considered an internal “power user” of FPC thanks to his multiple uses of the platform, including within FPI’s GTS (Global Trip Support) Operations team. Pouncy provided a great number of FPC demos at the company’s new exhibit space.

“Prospective clients who received demos were impressed with FPC, its intuitive features, and showed great interest in how it will become useful for their respective operations,” stated Pouncy. “I expect to present more features and processes, specifically permit tasks, APIS and customs tasks, and features for services such as transportation, hotel, and catering arrangements, amongst many other features that are commonly important to our clients. We intend to provide demos relative to our respective clients’ specific operations to give them an idea of what to expect from onset to completion of their trips.”

FPI also hosted an appreciation dinner in Orlando with several clients and global partners in attendance from locations including London, Frankfurt, Tokyo, and Bangkok.“We had a well-attended dinner, including many current and future clients,” says Dianne Tarantino, FPI Sales and Client Relations. “It was wonderful to get an accurate picture of ‘who FPI is’ from their point of view.”

Several FPI’s key Special Services Network (SSN) partners were present throughout the three-day show, such as Aerocombustibles de Centroamerica SA (San Jose, Costa Rica), ASA Ltd. (Bangkok, Thailand), Corporate Jet Service (Frankfurt, Germany), General Aviation Services (Madrid, Spain) and Aeroworks International (Tokyo, Japan).

The FPI SSN program is a global team of dedicated, world-class, in-country experts with extensive knowledge of local operations who provide customized, supervisory service solutions. The global SSN team works directly with and is a key component of the success of FPI’s 24/7 GTS Operations Team based in Houston, TX. More details about FPI’s SSN group can be found in the August issue of Connections.

FPI may still be a relatively new name within the private aviation industry, but it is a company deeply rooted with over three decades of fine-tuned, concierge trip management services. FPI’s strength is truly built upon the longstanding history among FPI’s employees and relationships with elite business aviation professionals worldwide. This is why FPI’s founding more closely resembled an “entrepreneurial family reunion” vs. a green start up in July of 2020 and is why the time together in Orlando at BACE was truly a meaningful gathering for all.

Together with the entire Flight Pro International team, we say “Our success is your success!”

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