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Shanghai Airport Notices as of August 2023

For operators with clients traveling to the Shanghai region, FPI would like to draw attention to recent notices regarding the ZSSS and ZSPD airports:

ZSSS (Hongqiao International)

The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) has announced that ZSSS airport will temporarily stop accepting all international GA flights on 02 Aug 2023 due to renovation work.

The estimated renovation time is a minimum of three months, possibly as long as six months. During this time period, all flights operating to Shanghai will be required to utilize Pudong/ZSPD.

ZSPD (Pudong International)

With the upcoming GA flight closure at ZSSS, additional measures have been taken at ZSPD to make the Customs and Immigration process a bit easier for passengers. The VIP clearance services have now been reinstated for all international GA flights at ZSPD allowing for all passengers to clear Customs in the VIP lounge.

ZSPD will be very busy during the closure of ZSSS for GA flights; however, Flight Pro International will do our best to secure slots based on your needs.

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