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Restrictions & Alerts Surrounding June 2023 Paris Air Show

The 2023 Paris Air Show will be held at Le Bourget/LFPB in June.   

The official event dates are June 19th to 25th; however, flight restrictions will be in place from June 14th to June 25th.  

During this time, General Aviation aircraft may arrive and depart from LFPB only if they are filed on an IFR flight plan and have accreditations for crew and aircraft. Aircraft must also arrive and depart outside of Air Show and practice closure hours. 

Other things you should know:

  • Parking will be limited as most of the space will be dedicated to static displays, pavilions, and attendees. Reserve your parking as soon as possible.
  • Accreditations for crew and aircraft are mandatory. The accreditation process begins May 9th, and any accreditation must be completed no later than 7 days prior to the flight. Since up to 4 crew per aircraft can be accredited, you may consider adding backup crew.
  • Hotels will be sold out during this event, so it is recommended to book early.
  • It’s possible that car access to FBOs may require a special security pass, similar to previous shows. Be sure your car transport company has completed all appropriate vehicle authorization passes. Also note — car transport traffic is expected to experience heavy road traffic.
  • Finally, security to access the show may be especially tight this year due to activist activity that may take place.

FPI is standing by to make your trip to 2023’s Paris Air Show successful!

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To learn more about FPI’s Paris-based Special Services Network (SSN) team and their specific expertise regarding travel situations in France, please contact our Operations staff here at Flight Pro International.

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