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Slots / PPR to be reimplemented in LFPB (Paris-Le Bourget Airport) in early 2024

Due to an ATC system change, Slots/PPR will again be put into practice at Paris-Le Bourget Airport (LFPB) early in 2024.

The new ATC system (4-Flight) is being implemented for the Nord En Route Control Center, and the slot/PPR impact is expected to be applied between (and inclusive of) January 9th through February 14th, 2024.

Beginning December 13th, 2023 (1200 local time, Paris), the system will be open and available to coordinate slot management for the Jan. 9th to Feb. 14th timeframe.

This should not be an issue for FPI clients as traffic during this period is rather low in general at the airport.

However, it’s always best to plan as early in advance as possible, and the FPI Team is on standby to assist with managing your Slot/PPR requests.

The January/February Slot/PPR phase is also intended to be another test period before the upcoming Summer 2024 Olympics. (FPI will keep all of our clients updated as we get nearer to the Summer activities.)

Based on recent experience, FPI’s management of Slots/PPR inside LFPB was successful and without any issues obtaining slots during the busy Rugby World Cup in September/October of 2023.

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To learn more about FPI’s Compliance, Operations, Regulatory, and other Special Services Network (SSN) teams within FPI, please contact our Operations staff here at Flight Pro International.

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