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“You Fly the Plane and We Do Everything Else”

The elite Flight Pro International UK team covers every imaginable aspect of your flight support, both on and off the airport.  

A key strength of FPI’s services portfolio is our worldwide Special Services Network (SSN) which provides “on location” personalized supervisory and flight coordination services by some of the most experienced aviation professionals in the industry. 

In one of the busiest regions of the world, the United Kingdom, a truly special FPI SSN team is managed by Alan Owen and Lukas Kendera.

Alan and Lukas quite simply do everything required to insure all major and minor details of an operator’s flight is covered for the benefit of crew and VIP passengers. As Alan often says, “you fly the plane and we do everything else”.

With the FPI UK office headquartered in Luton airport, they normally personally cover flights going into the London area and nearby airports, and special arrangements can be made for them to attend flights outside of the London area, if required.

For flights to other UK, Channel Islands, and Ireland locations, the FPI UK team are in constant touch with the established local airport handling organizations, including off airport catering, ground transport, hotel, and other service vendors. 

An important benefit of their support is the DEDICATED services they provide, especially valuable at busy London airports. While FBOs and regular handling agents are dealing with numerous flights and related issues, the FPI UK team are focused only on your aircraft operation, and include support not typically provided by the FBOs or agents such as securing landing slots, flight plan filing, and Eurocontrol slot timing “adjustments” (greatly minimizing departure delays due to extremely tight European AirNav slot restrictions).

The team continuously develops their relationships with regulators, airports, and the CAA to stay ahead of the curve in order to deliver the latest and most accurate news, information and changes in the industry so that you are prepared well in advance of your flight.

Their consultancy includes expert advice on quotes and airport vendor choices so that Operators feel part of the process when building a trip with FPI. 

The UK team continues to remain your point of contact after a visit by following up on trip experiences, particularly if something unexpected came up.  This allows them to get to know your team better, customize your future services, and recommend the best handlers, hotels or ground transport agencies in this fast-changing industry.    

Another unique and major service from the FPI UK team is that they are registered to cover UK Air Passenger Duty (APD) tax required by all operations into the UK.  Operators only need to make sure your company is signed up with FPI to represent them for this critical and mandatory requirement. 

No request is too unusual, too big, or too small for this seasoned team. Recently Lukas was requested to guard a valuable art piece and coordinate with customs officials when it would not fit into the client’s ground transport.  In another instance, an operator was receiving unsolicited and suspicious requests from a rogue catering company who Lukas investigated and identified as fraudulent. 

Each flight brings unpredictable requirements, which is exactly why the team exists!

Alan, Lukas, and the entire UK team are there to manage your trip and be your true “Point of Contact” support assurance for any unforeseen circumstances, both on and off the airport during your visit.  Their special personalities are a joy to be around, and they look forward to working with you on your next trip.  “You only have to fly the plane!” 

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