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European Traffic Outlook: Military Active Areas and Airport Outlook

European Traffic Outlook

Over the past month or so, a typical Tuesday (which is normally the lightest travel day in EUROCONTROL airspace which encompasses the geographic area from Israel to Norway to Ireland to the Canary Islands) has been averaging around 19,000 to 21,000 flights per day. It is expected as we move into late March, on Fridays, which are typically the highest travel day, expectations of 28,000 flights will be realized. This is a 7 % increase in traffic vs. 2023.

Fortunately bottlenecks and high overloads will be isolated through early Spring and are expected to mainly affect the Lisbon region along with portions of French airspace. A 30 percent in capacity reduction continues in the Paris airspace until Wednesday Feb 14th due to the live trial of the new ATM system 4-flight.


Several military exercises are planned for the remainder of the year. Fortunately, for the most part the exercises through the end of March will have a very low to nil impact on the network.


Most airports will be managing operations well for the next several months. However, certain airports will continue to have significant runway closures including EBOS/LCLK/LFMN/EPWA/EHAM. You should always refer to the latest notams for updated information regarding these closures. Fortunately, so far this Winter, occurrences of freezing fog/snow along with surface temperatures below 0C have been minimal thus impacts have been minor.

Special events include the Geneva Motor Show in late February/early March, Cannes Film Festival from May 14th until May 25th, 2024, Europa League Final on May 22nd in Dublin, Monaco Grand Prix in late May, UEFA Champions League Final on June 01st in the London area, UEFA EURO 24 Finals in Berlin on July 14th, and finally the Olympic/Paralympic gates in Paris from July 17th until September 15th. Lastly Yom Kippur will affect the Israel FIR on October 11th through the 12th.

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