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FPI Vendor Spotlight: JetSet Services in Greece

Looking to travel to Greece this summer? If so, you are one of many operators with that same thought in mind. Greece is an annual hotspot for vacationing passengers seeking to take full advantage of the beautiful beaches, historical landmarks, and local cuisine. Many passengers utilize the airports of Greece as a travel hub to position themselves for easy access to yachts frequently staged in the Mediterranean. While wonderful activities, all of these Summer plans are key ingredients that lead to congestion and parking constraints throughout the entire airport network of Greece.

Planning a successful trip to Greece during the busy summer season can be complicated and daunting. The biggest obstacle facing any operator when traveling to this region is finding suitable parking for the aircraft. No need to worry. Flight Pro International has you covered.

FPI will provide continuous consultation, from planning concept to trip completion. FPI’s vendor partner, JetSet Services, will be the “on hand” extension of FPI’s family of experts to perform the “heavy lifting” and ensure your trip support needs are met.

Leveraging over 20 years of flight support, knowledge, and expertise in the aviation industry, JetSet is well-equipped to ensure your many trip details are handled in an efficient, timely and accurate manner no matter the destination(s) in Greece.

Offering a wide variety of services to fit your needs, JetSet provides ground handling, airport slots, catering, transportation, and a host of additional services. Their dedicated representatives will personally meet your crew and passengers upon arrival and departure, and oversee every detail of your flight needs in between.

You can take comfort and trust in knowing that JetSet will handle all aspects to safeguard and mitigate against any potential issues that may arise.

FPI takes great pride in partnering with JetSet Services. We’re here to make the lives of your crew, your passengers, and your team much easier. Your trip is in good hands.

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