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FPI’s RSP Program Creates New Opportunities

Since FPI’s December announcement of Stakeholder participation in U.S. Customs & Border Protection’s (CBP) Reimbursable Services Program (RSP), the list of available Airports of Entry (AOE) has been steadily growing with more on the way.

As of April 3rd, 2023, FPI has 18 AOEs confirmed with 6 soon to become available (review lists here).

Note the following four factors as you consider the RSP program for your operation:

1. Client-Driven: While frequently traveled AOEs are already on FPI’s pursuit list for RSP status, FPI is developing the program with clients’ unique trip management needs in mind. Therefore, please let FPI know as soon as possible if you’d like to see a specific AOE added for your operational planning.  Clients utilizing FPI’s RSP service do not need to become RSP participants themselves.

2. Be Prepared In Advance Through FPI:

Always a good rule of thumb, preparing in advance is especially critical for potential RSP airport usage.  Getting initial RSP approval for the airport can take months, so it’s best to submit your AOE preferences to FPI as soon as your operation is aware of the airport’s potential usage.  Also, not all airports are eligible for RSP services, so it is possible that a desired airport will not be accepted for RSP use by CBP.

3. Streamline Costs & Complexities Through FPI:

Rates per airport can vary widely based on a number of variables unique to each location (i.e. hourly payment rates of the officers available for your particular job, quantity of officers required, time of arrival, etc.).

However, FPI not only removes application and ongoing program management burdens, cost management expectations are also streamlined through FPI’s flat-rate system created for FPI clients… a unique win-win for Operators and End-Users alike.

4. Understand RSP Limitations: It should never be assumed that an airport’s placement on an RSP list is a guarantee that an RSP request instance will be granted, whether the RSP program is managed by FPI or through any other entity, such as the local airport authority.

All requests are subject to approval by the local CBP office on a case-by-case basis, as each office determines the availability of resources necessary to meet the needs of each request. For example, heavy travel seasons, popular destinations, and specific local events can affect the ability for CBP to approve specific RSP service requests at an airport.

— — —

Greater efficiency results have indeed been realized for operators who’ve used the RSP program.  Despite the cumbersome nature of the application process and real-time management complexities, the RSP program creates opportunities for CBP clearances that were not available before.

Talk to your rep today to discover how to leverage FPI’s CBP/RSP expertise for your trip management pre-planning, regardless of the size of your operation. Our success is your success! Partner with us today.

— — —

FPI’s Participating Airports of Entry (as of April 3rd, 2023):

Currently available:

Atlanta DeKalb-Peachtree/KPDK







Fort Pierce/KFPR


Los Angeles/KLAX

Salt Lake City/KSLC

San Diego-Brown Field/KSDM

San Francisco/KSFO

San Jose/KSJC


Washington Dulles/KIAD

West Palm Beach/KPBI

White Plains/KHPN

Soon to become available:



Miami-Opa Locka/KOPF


San Antonio/KSAT


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